About our club


The Rollin Oldies Car Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering interest in and the preservation of cars and trucks of the past.  We are also committed to the principle of giving to the community.  We are very active in promoting and producing car shows and cruise-ins that net sizable contributions to various charitable causes.  We have a longstanding record of giving a very large percentage of our proceeds from our shows and cruise-ins to charity and only withholding what we absolutely need to maintain operation.  We currently support the Dave Thomas Foundation.  We have in the past given to other prominent charitable causes as well as promoted shows for disaster relief.


Our club was formed in 1976 and we are now in our 35th Year.  We are based in Parkersburg, West Virginia and we meet once a month on the third Thursday, 6:00PM.  Our meeting place is on the corner of Park Avenue and 16th Street.


We promote and enjoy a fellowship bound by our common interest in old cars and trucks as well as their history.  We have several events each year for our members for the sole purpose of promoting this fellowship.


All people that have our same interests are invited to join our club.  Just call us or contact us by e-mail through this website or pop in to one of our meetings and introduce yourself and tell us you would like to join our club.  You donít have to own an old car or truck.  We only require that you have an interest in them and are interested in our charitable work.


E-Mail us at  rocc@pvpmedia.com

or give us a call at 740-236-4007